Help on Ship

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Ships can be upgraded by finding the Ship Keeper that will upgrade your ship. Certain Ship Keepers only deal with special parts of your ship. Upgrades are very costly, same with any damage inflicted into your ship from player ships. To heal damage, you must find the Ship Keeper that deals with repairing ships. If by the unlucky chance you are sunk, you must pay a Ship Keeper to your ship.

A ships HP is rated into percent. The closer your ships hp is to 100%, the closer it is to sinking.The more cannons and armour you have, the better your ship will be at ship to ship combat. You may other ships. This is basically a type of ship-ship communication.

You may also other ships. This could be used to sail in another players faster ship, or for your own purposes.

You can also the description of your ship. Descriptions can contain no vulgar material because this is a family mud.

Abusing this ocean will result in lose of priviledges using it. What this means is you will have to find another means of travling to other lands that can only be accessed by sailing. Abuse can be sinking a ship constantly. Smaller players use the ocean and it is very costly to have their ships rescued.

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